First sighting!

Man and Guy were spotted together for the first time on the pages of Eiland (leaving a house in Dalmatia). There are earlier sightings of Man alone (with suitcase), for instance by Piero della Francesca (around 1470).

Vrij Nederland!

Years later they were found running around on the pages of the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland.
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Zone 5300!

They stumbled onto the Dutch comics magazine Zone 5300.

Where they felt the need to fit in and try out comic routines.

But the slapstick didn't stick. Man and Guy rather stick up for each other.

And here's an example of a spread in Zone 5300.
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The first Man & Guy book has just been published!
Not yet in English though, but in Dutch (Man & Kerel) and in French (Gars & Gus).
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New in Dutch!
Nu verkrijgbaar!
MAN & KEREL als stripfiguren

Et en francais!
Maintenant disponible!
Gars & Gus, personnages de BD

Modern day!

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The way of Man and Guy

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That morning

Comic strip panels with programmed animations and music.


How stories are made. Read it with added sound in your own reading pace.

Sugarcube geometry

Man and Guy take a different point of view.


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Tip of Man and Guy

Some advice of
Man and Guy.

Point and click

Warning! Story in progress... Man and Guy didn't finish this point and click adventure yet!


Some tests to work in 360... Click here to see more tests...


A very short test to add sound and some simple animations to a comic strip.